About therapy

Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® is a technique of using bioenergy to stimulate one’s own defence mechanisms of the immunological system, which has weakened or has completely stopped working.
Bioenergy is a life energy without which life would not be possible.
Stress, disease, negative thoughts and emotional problems can cause disturbance in our body energy flow. Therapist uses bioenergy from nature and places hands on a person’s body to add and balance life energy of a client. Bioenergy Therapy has psychophysical approach to a client and tends to eliminate causes of illness, not just symptoms.
Bioenergy therapy is natural, painless and very powerful healing method without any adverse effects on an organism. In collaboration with traditional medical therapy it covers a wide spectrum of activity, from prevention to treatment of all physical and psychological diseases
What to expect?
During the treatment some people can feel sensations such as warmth, coldness or tingling but therapy results don’t depend on type or intensity of sensation. Results can be visible and measurable immediately after one therapy or after a period of one or several months. Likewise, in some cases one can feel full recovery after one therapy of four sessions while in other cases it is necessary to repeat the therapy, once or more times. Each person is unique and results are individual, regardless of the health issue.
Health improvements should be in some cases kept under supervision of medical doctors, in order to adjust medications or some other healing methods or rehabilitation programmes, to a new health condition.
Regained health should be guarded and sometimes is necessary to change habits and/ or attitudes to achieve permanent recovery.
Scientific testing
In Croatia, the method efficiency was proven first time in 1985, when research of therapy effects in case of serious insufficiency of circulation of the lower extremities was organised, and during which all patients were cured. Physical effects of this method were also studied in the USA, at Universities “Stanford” and “Columbia”, and in Israel at the University of “Ben Gurion”…
The Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® was named after its founder, a person who has been globally renowned for his work and results. After a series of proofs worldwide, the success of the method was proven at the most severely ill in the contemporary world. *

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