Whose responsibility is health?

Most people will have an instant, learned answer: “health is a matter of individual choice” or “we alone are responsible for our health”, but we really do not behave in accordance with that attitude. Most people believe that this responsibility relates to physical body only, so they work out, watch out for what they eat… Almost no one pays attention to personal thoughts and feelings. According to some researches, out of all factors that influence our health, nutrition and physical activity make 30% and emotions 60%. Uncontrolled emotions cause disbalance in our energy field and disturb our health. That is why is extremely important to observe ourselves and change thoughts that make us feel sad and cause us to feel smaller than we are. And now we are coming to the most important question: “who we are?”.
By that I don’t mean on roles we all partake: professor, politician, cook, mother, father, husband and so on, but on that which remains after we discard all these roles. When we are sad, angry, nervous – are we all that or do we become that due to roles we identify with. Mother is angry when her child disobeys her, manager is angry because he/ she didn’t make the expected profit… I am not saying we should discard all our roles, but we should be aware that these are just roles and we shouldn’t identify ourselves with them. Often, when people retire and stop performing their long-term roles become depressive because they don’t know who they are without their roles. Ego needs roles. We don’t need anything and we are perfect without any role. We come to this world perfect.
When you watch a new-born baby, you admire her and you tell her how perfect she is, and what this baby has? What role this baby plays? Or when you look at a beautiful landscape or a flower and get amazed, and a flower just IS and is not trying to be anything. The same is with you, you are all perfect just because you exist and if someone doesn’t see this perfection it is their lapse and superficiality, not yours. Play roles, but with the self-awareness and be aware of your values, and then this all is just a game. Always have a perfect image about yourself and work on that image to allow yourself to be the best version of yourself. Life is a change and nothing should remain the same for too long. Imagine that life is a movie. Movie is made of series of alternating pictures who tell a story. So are you telling a story each day, about yourself. That is why it is up to you to decide that this story will be the best story ever told. Health is nothing but a nice story.  Stay healthy!