Bioenergy therapy – cure or miracle?

Most people consider a bioenergy healing to be a miracle. Still, bioenergy healing is just one of natural healing techniques, possible due to tools each person receives by the birth but is not using these tools or is not developing them. Ancient nations of this world were using bioenergy healing and were passing their teachings to newer generations. Some might get disappointed for the reason that bioenergy healing is not a miracle. Healing process of a human body has its own legalities, and does not require a magic wand. Everyone would love that a bioenergy therapist with just one touch takes away all health problems, that may have been developing for many years. If such miracles would exist no one would accept the responsibility for their own health, or disease. An illness is an information sent by a body and telling us that we are doing something that is not in line with our true self, or that we don’t have our emotions under control for a long period of time. Usually we are not aware of this and for that reason we put the focus only on finding the way to remove consequences. This way we draw our attention from the cause and enable repeating the same health issues, that maybe once were already solved.
You need a miracle? The planet Earth has an elliptical shape, stands somewhere in the Universe for which we do not know where it starts or ends and if it has the beginning or the end. We limit ourselves by the knowledge printed in school books and science bulletins. The fact that some scientists don’t know how to explain some phenomena and natural processes or do not publish them officially, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
Is it a miracle that from a wheat grain grows a wheat stem and then a wheat stem gives us new wheat seed from which a new wheat stem will grow?
There are many things we don’t understand about our body, but it is sure that our body understands us and listens each our thought and emotion at each moment.
In the same way, it is indisputable that bioenergy therapy gives good results in healing people, and it is up to us to use it.