Pay according to your possibilities

Once upon a time, when money did not exist, lived a farmer who was cultivating maize, lets call him John.
His neighbor was called Maria and she had a chicken farm. John liked eating eggs and chicken, prepared on many different ways, but he did not have his own poultry so did not have eggs or meat.
Maria liked baking cornbread and she wanted to feed her chicken by corn, but she did not have a field for cultivating maize.
So John and Maria came to an agreement for barter, John was giving corn to Maria in exchange for eggs and meat.
When John and Maria were exchanging their goods, the criterion for exchange was a need and evaluation according to their own possibilities.
The same was valid for services. Maria knew how to sew clothes, but she did not know how to do repairs on farm. John knew to repair everything, but he did not know how to sew clothe so they easily agreed for this exchange as well, without thinking about the price per hour for sewing or repairing something.
Money brought diversity and fast availability of all kinds of goods and services, but today almost nothing is valued according to real necessity and possibilities. Now almost everything has market price per hour or per kilogram.
The Domancic Method of bioenergy healing has no market price and licensed therapists do not have a price list. Price is not determined by the disease or the time required for a therapy.
Since some people have difficulty accepting the fact that there is no fixed price, there were some suggestions to charge bioenergy therapy depending on the time needed for a therapy per patient, to determine the market price per hour. However, those who might need longer therapy than others most likely are not capable to do anything, let alone work to earn the money. Does this mean that just those who are not able to earn for living should pay the highest price for a therapy? Bioenergy therapy service according to the Zdenko Domančić method has no market price and the health should not have the market price.
According to code of conduct of Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® each therapist is obliged not to set up price list.
You can thank a therapist according to the satisfaction with the treatment and your possibilities.