Pay according to your possibilities

Once upon a time, when money did not exist, lived a farmer who was cultivating maize, lets call him John.
His neighbor was called Maria and she had a chicken farm. John liked eating eggs and chicken, prepared on many different ways, but he did not have his own poultry so did not have eggs or meat.
Maria liked baking cornbread and she wanted to feed her chicken by corn, but she did not have a field for cultivating maize.
So John and Maria came to an agreement for barter, John was giving corn to Maria in exchange for eggs and meat.
When John and Maria were exchanging their goods, the criterion for exchange was a need and evaluation according to their own possibilities.
The same was valid for services. Maria knew how to sew clothes, but she did not know how to do repairs on farm. John knew to repair everything, but he did not know how to sew clothe so they easily agreed for this exchange as well, without thinking about the price per hour for sewing or repairing something.
Money brought diversity and fast availability of all kinds of goods and services, but today almost nothing is valued according to real necessity and possibilities. Now almost everything has market price per hour or per kilogram.
The Domancic Method of bioenergy healing has no market price and licensed therapists do not have a price list. Price is not determined by the disease or the time required for a therapy.
Since some people have difficulty accepting the fact that there is no fixed price, there were some suggestions to charge bioenergy therapy depending on the time needed for a therapy per patient, to determine the market price per hour. However, those who might need longer therapy than others most likely are not capable to do anything, let alone work to earn the money. Does this mean that just those who are not able to earn for living should pay the highest price for a therapy? Bioenergy therapy service according to the Zdenko Domančić method has no market price and the health should not have the market price.
According to code of conduct of Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® each therapist is obliged not to set up price list.
You can thank a therapist according to the satisfaction with the treatment and your possibilities.

Bioenergy and religion

Some people will not accept the bioenergy therapy due to a fear that by his act they would do something unacceptable by a religion.
It is an undisputable fact that Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® is a natural healing technique that has been scientificaly proven, and has no impact whatsoever on spirituality or religious beliefs of a person receiving a therapy.
Today there are many religions and even more interpretations of religions so it is really hard to find just one viewpoint or an opinion. One can find lots of internet websites discussing this topic, and for those who want to read a positive viewpoint we are enclosing a letter from the polish archbishop Boleslaw Pylak, below on the link (letter is translated only in Croatian):

pismo nadbiskupa

Bioenergy therapy – cure or miracle?

Most people consider a bioenergy healing to be a miracle. Still, bioenergy healing is just one of natural healing techniques, possible due to tools each person receives by the birth but is not using these tools or is not developing them. Ancient nations of this world were using bioenergy healing and were passing their teachings to newer generations. Some might get disappointed for the reason that bioenergy healing is not a miracle. Healing process of a human body has its own legalities, and does not require a magic wand. Everyone would love that a bioenergy therapist with just one touch takes away all health problems, that may have been developing for many years. If such miracles would exist no one would accept the responsibility for their own health, or disease. An illness is an information sent by a body and telling us that we are doing something that is not in line with our true self, or that we don’t have our emotions under control for a long period of time. Usually we are not aware of this and for that reason we put the focus only on finding the way to remove consequences. This way we draw our attention from the cause and enable repeating the same health issues, that maybe once were already solved.
You need a miracle? The planet Earth has an elliptical shape, stands somewhere in the Universe for which we do not know where it starts or ends and if it has the beginning or the end. We limit ourselves by the knowledge printed in school books and science bulletins. The fact that some scientists don’t know how to explain some phenomena and natural processes or do not publish them officially, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
Is it a miracle that from a wheat grain grows a wheat stem and then a wheat stem gives us new wheat seed from which a new wheat stem will grow?
There are many things we don’t understand about our body, but it is sure that our body understands us and listens each our thought and emotion at each moment.
In the same way, it is indisputable that bioenergy therapy gives good results in healing people, and it is up to us to use it.

Whose responsibility is health?

Most people will have an instant, learned answer: “health is a matter of individual choice” or “we alone are responsible for our health”, but we really do not behave in accordance with that attitude. Most people believe that this responsibility relates to physical body only, so they work out, watch out for what they eat… Almost no one pays attention to personal thoughts and feelings. According to some researches, out of all factors that influence our health, nutrition and physical activity make 30% and emotions 60%. Uncontrolled emotions cause disbalance in our energy field and disturb our health. That is why is extremely important to observe ourselves and change thoughts that make us feel sad and cause us to feel smaller than we are. And now we are coming to the most important question: “who we are?”.
By that I don’t mean on roles we all partake: professor, politician, cook, mother, father, husband and so on, but on that which remains after we discard all these roles. When we are sad, angry, nervous – are we all that or do we become that due to roles we identify with. Mother is angry when her child disobeys her, manager is angry because he/ she didn’t make the expected profit… I am not saying we should discard all our roles, but we should be aware that these are just roles and we shouldn’t identify ourselves with them. Often, when people retire and stop performing their long-term roles become depressive because they don’t know who they are without their roles. Ego needs roles. We don’t need anything and we are perfect without any role. We come to this world perfect.
When you watch a new-born baby, you admire her and you tell her how perfect she is, and what this baby has? What role this baby plays? Or when you look at a beautiful landscape or a flower and get amazed, and a flower just IS and is not trying to be anything. The same is with you, you are all perfect just because you exist and if someone doesn’t see this perfection it is their lapse and superficiality, not yours. Play roles, but with the self-awareness and be aware of your values, and then this all is just a game. Always have a perfect image about yourself and work on that image to allow yourself to be the best version of yourself. Life is a change and nothing should remain the same for too long. Imagine that life is a movie. Movie is made of series of alternating pictures who tell a story. So are you telling a story each day, about yourself. That is why it is up to you to decide that this story will be the best story ever told. Health is nothing but a nice story.  Stay healthy!

Psychokinesis as a part of bioenergy therapy

Psychokinesis as a part of bioenergy therapy
Psychokinesis is an ability to move other people without a physical contact. Every human being has this ability, but not everyone is using it.
As one of Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® techniques, psychokinesis is used to demonstrate the bioenergy field of any person.
Psychokinesis can move a patient without his/ her will, whereby the bioenergy field of the therapist moves the weakened bioenergy field of the patient.
Therapist of Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® can perform psychokinesis in distance and it will have same impact, no matter if the patient is in a room nearby or on another continent.

Does bioenergy exist?

Some people say it is hard for them to believe in bioenergy therapy because energy field is not visible to them and they cannot see any outside changes. Still, do you believe in a wind? Can you see a wind? Or you actually just feel the consequence of a wind? Whether you believe in a wind or not, doesn’t change the fact that wind is blowing. The same is with the bioenergy. Bioenergy is not visible by our eyes, bioenergy therapy is repairing energy field that is also not visible by our eyes, but you feel consequences of bioenergy therapy. During the therapy you can feel heath or the cold, just as you feel warmth and coldness on your skin when a wind is blowing. Psychokinesis might move your body without your will as if the strong wind would push you aside.
After the Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy® treatment you feel the results, and these are improving psychical and physical state, it is not important if you can see the bioenergy or just some unusual hand moves of a therapist.
How and why is this possible, you can explore on or in many different articles on quantum psychics.

Što je Bioterapija po metodi Zdenka Domančića®?

Bioterapija po metodi Zdenka Domančića® tehnika je korištenja bioenergije za iscjeljivanje tijela i duha, a izvodi se polaganjem ruku na dijelove tijela tretirane osobe.
Stres, bolest i emocionalni problemi mogu poremetiti protok energije našeg tijela, a terapeut koristi bioenergiju iz prirode kako bi dodao i balansirao životnu energiju tretirane osobe, klijenta. Time dolazi do stimuliranja obrambenog mehanizma imunološkog sustava, koji je oslabio ili je u potpunosti prestao raditi zbog neuravnoteženog načina života.
U suradnji s klasičnim medicinskim terapijskim oblicima ova metoda pokriva široki spektar djelovanja, od prevencije do iscjeljivanja svih fizičkih i psihičkih bolesti.
Terapija se radi četiri dana za redom, izvodi se u grupi ali sa svakim klijentom radi se individualno. Tretman po osobi traje dvadesetak minuta.
Neke osobe za vrijeme tretmana mogu osjetiti senzacije kao što su toplina, hladnoća ili trnci, ali svi uživaju u opuštanju i vremenu posvećenom isključivo sebi.
Terapija nema fiksnu cijenu. Zadnji dan terapije klijent se može zahvaliti prema svojoj želji i procjeni.
Metoda Bioterapija po metodi Zdenka Domančića® nazvana je po svom utemeljitelju, osobi koja je svojim radom i rezultatima osigurala svjetsku popularnost. Nakon niza svjetskih provjera dokazana je uspješnost metode na najtežim oboljenjima današnjice. (