There are many definitions and explanation for radiesthesia. One of these explanations can be found on websites http://alternativa-za-vas.com: “Radiesthesia is not a paranormal or a parapsychological ability to detect radiation in space and in the human body. It is actually a person’s ability to record, with the help of certain aid, certain events that are beyond the visual perception…”
On websites https://en.oxforddictionaries.com you can find an English definition: “The (supposed) perception of energy or radiation by the body, proposed as the basis of the use of dowsing rods, pendulums, etc., especially to locate buried substances or diagnose illness; a branch of alternative medicine based on this.”
Prof.dr. Ljubo Ristovski, famous physicist and a retired university professor, says: “Radiesthesia is a radiation sensitivity, but I would rather say that it is an activity that detects harmful but also various other radiations – today men only talk about harmful radiation … ” On lectures by Prof. Dr. Ljubo Ristovski he briefly explained that radiesthesia is actually the healing treatment of living space.
Harmful radiation affects our health and should be taken seriously. If you are on a daily and long-term basis in places of harmful radiation, health can be quite compromised. The most dangerous are places for long stays, such as a bedroom.
The best protection from harmful radiation is alu-foil. A multi-layered alu-foil can be placed under the bed, thereby reducing the amount of harmful radiation. Radiation cannot be destroyed, so if there is a harmful radiation at the place where you stay the most, the best solution would be to move the bed, working desk, etc.
We are detecting harmful radiation in a living space, live or according to a drawing, or a house plan.